Walnut Hill on The Sabine River 974.5 acres | $4771 per acre

OVERVIEW: Tranquility, privacy and unparalleled riverfront recreation await your family and friends at Walnut Hill on The Sabine. Located in the game-rich “Sabine Sanctuary,” this privacy fenced refuge contains one of East Texas’s rarest treasures.

LOCATION: Walnut Hill on The Sabine is located in southeast Rains County, less than 75 miles East of Dallas. Rains County Road 2440 provides end of the road access into the ranch’s secure, gated entrance. The southern boundary of the ranch is nearly three and a half miles of Sabine River frontage.

Map of Rains County
Description DRIVE-UP APPEAL / RANCH ENTRANCE: Approaching Walnut Hill on The Sabine is unforgettable. Owners and guests are offered a scenic preview of the remarkable recreational possibilities, carefully constructed water impoundments and exquisite improvements awaiting them inside the gate. A stately electric entry leads to a private, paved ranch road which meanders for over a mile through manicured hay pastures to the ranch’s classic colonial-style home and headquarters. SOILS: The soil in the bottomland portions of the ranch is primarily Gladewater Clay, which is typical for areas near the Sabine River. Gladewater Clay is darker in color, productive for food plot crops and moderately permeable. The soils in the upland pasture are primarily Woodtell Loam varieties. These Woodtell Loam soils are lighter in color, well drained and highly productive for crop and grass production. TREES: Oaks, walnut, elm, pecan and other hardwood varieties make up the primary tree canopy on the ranch. In the bottomland areas trees have been carefully sculpted, creating remarkable “wildlife edge”. In the hay pasture, mature oaks and other hardwood trees provide generous shade and add strong visual appeal to the landscape. PASTURE: The 200+/- acre highly improved Bermuda and Bahia grass pasture benefits from meticulous range management practices. Annual hay yield is reinforced by Rains County’s 40+ inches of average rainfall. Topography TOPOGRAPHY: An elevation change of approximately 40 feet occurs from north to south on the ranch. At ~380’, the area around the entry gate is the highest point on the property. From this highpoint, elevations gradually drop to the lowest elevation which is ~340’ near the Sabine River. Frequent topographic relief, carefully sculpted roads and designed drainages enhance rainfall migration through and off of the ranch in wet months. Minerals MINERALS: The owner believes to own a substantial interest in the minerals and executive leasing rights for the ranch; currently there are no active leases or production. Wildlife WATERFOWL HUNTING: Walnut Hill on The Sabine features outstanding waterfowl hunting in a variety of styles. Red Slough and other naturally created wetland areas host generous populations of puddle ducks annually in a traditional dark woods setting. As the sun rises, Mallards and other dabbling ducks arrived out of nowhere to tree top level; their unmistakable whistling wings backpedal frantically as they slowly descend into the timbered shallow water refuge. The ranch’s main lake has carefully designed shallow water areas allowing water levels to draw down seasonally. Seasonal draw downs encourage the development of moist soils and allow the landowner to plant Fall waterfowl crops in advance of the upcoming season. DEER HUNTING: As a secure, game fenced sanctuary for world class whitetail deer hunting, the existing whitetail herd contains approximately 160 deer. The ranch has been under meticulous MLD Level III management, resulting in genetics that are rare for this area of The State of Texas. Annually, numerous bucks exceeding 200” B&C are harvested and continue to breed within the preserve. Native browse, productive soils, diverse tree canopy, and scenic perennial / annual food plots fuse with the owner’s supplemental nutrition program creating unpressured, easily sustainable habitat, ensuring the herd’s best interests are met annually. For detailed information about the owner’s deer management strategy and deer herd, please contact us. FREE RANGE HUNTING ACREAGE / OTHER GAME / HUNTING HABITAT SEPARATION: 125+/- riverfront acres of the ranch remain low fenced as a free range hunting option for whitetail deer, feral hogs, waterfowl and other small game. This acreage is contiguous to the game fenced portion of the ranch and is and easily accessible through gates. Numerous food plots, feeders, blinds and a developed road system are in place and ready for use. Red’s Slough and several natural waterfowl wetlands are located in this low fenced area, giving waterfowl hunters and deer hunters ample separation. FISHING: An iconic East Texas river fishery stretches for approximately 3.5 miles along Walnut Hill on The Sabine’s southern boundary. Sabine River fishing for black bass, sand bass, stripers, catfish, alligator gar and other game fish is exceptional, challenging anglers of all skill levels. Convenient canoe and kayak access to the river is possible by way of a sloped concrete bulkhead. For the lake fisherman, many of the ranch’s other lakes have trophy bass fishing potential; conveniently, the western bank of legendary Lake Fork is less than 10 miles from the ranch’s entry gate! Taxes TAXES: The ranch is agriculturally exempt and the taxes totaled $12,159.24 in 2014. Water 20+/- ACRE PRIVATE LAKE: Centrally located within the ranch, a scenic 20+/- acre private lake provides year-round recreation with a memorable backdrop. Oak tree groves on the lake’s east and south banks offer an ideal setting for outdoor entertaining, family gatherings and unforgettable sunsets. In late spring, the owners plant grain sorghum along the lake’s edge to further enhance the waterfowl hunting. For wildlife and livestock purposes, numerous stock tanks are located throughout the ranch. Each tank maintains water yearlong, even in dry months. SABINE RIVER / FRANK'S CREEK / RED SLOUGH: Walnut Hill on The Sabine’s southern boundary is an ~3.5 mile high-bank stretch of the Sabine River. The river is accessible in several areas providing angling and canoe access. The river views are impressive and the access points add a thrilling angling and recreational dimension to the ranch. Frank’s Creek traverses the ranch along the northern and eastern boundary. Water from this tree-laden estuary flows southeast, and then turns due south into The Sabine River. Over time, water from Frank’s Creek and The Sabine River have fused, creating a remarkable oxbow lake named “Red Slough”. Nearly a mile in length, with 5+/- acres of surface water at capacity, Red Slough is a waterfowler’s riparian jewel. Several other natural creeks and sloughs are blanketed by Spanish moss, palmetto trees, water oaks and button willows; their immediate tree canopy filters the sunlight, creating a setting reminiscent of antebellum low country. WATER WELL: In a designated well house, a prolific Wilcox water well (100 GPM) and its 2,000 gallon storage tank provide water for various irrigation needs around the ranch home’s courtyard and ranch. None of the living quarters or facilities are currently on well water. Available Utilities UTILITIES: All utilities (electricity, water, and telephone) are run underground (1.1 miles) to main house. The property is serviced by Farmers Electric Coop and Bright Star Salem Water Supply Company. Listing Agent Wright Monning- Agent 214-794-1475 mobile wright@hrcranch.com Chris Susilovich- Agent 903-503-5961 mobile chris@hrcranch.com - view all properties from this agent
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